Helping You Find the Ideal Design for Your Interiors

At Donna La Forge Interiors, I guide you in exploring the various design possibilities for your requirements and branding. With my professional expertise, we can achieve your desired style and functionality.

modular office desk

Design Scope and Fees

Using my resources and expertise, I will provide you with options that meet your needs and specifications. Together we will determine your main design goals, then we can list the design services and products you would need. When this process is complete, we can discuss the fees for these services.

Corporate Design Services

No matter the size of your project, you will get my utmost personal and professional attention.

  • Budgeting
  • Computer-Aided Drawings (CAD)
  • Commercial Office Furniture Sales
  • Cubicles Layout and Specification
  • Finish Selections
  • Office Furniture Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Product Quotes
  • Product Specifications
  • Relocation Management
  • Storage Solutions
  • Customizing is My Specialty

Residential Design Services

The work I perform for residential property owners includes but is not limited to:

  • Budgeting
  • Cabinetry Sales
  • CAD Layouts of Custom Cabinets and Furnishings
  • Finish Selections
  • Fixture Sales
  • Project Management
  • Product Quotes
  • Product Specifications
  • Paint Color Selections
  • Re-upholstery
  • Accessories
  • Custom Floral Arrangements

Your Guide to Budgeting

How Important Is the Budget?

Deciding on an accurate and reasonable initial price range will help lead the process in the right direction. I offer a myriad of options that maximize your budget. Rest easy knowing your design goals can be achieved by services and products worth every penny you spend.

How Much Should I Allocate?

Deciding on a budget is ultimately a cost versus value question. By realizing your values and priorities, we can begin setting realistic cost expectations for your design project.

Request My Services

At Donna La Forge Interiors in West Monroe, LA, I make it a priority to meet my clients’ design goals to the smallest detail. Get in touch with me to learn more about how we can do this for your design project.